How to Add Dummy Text Size in WordPress for Visitor

Assume that you want to provide a feature to your WordPress blog visitor so that they can resize text on your page. For example if you have small section on your site where you are offering something special to your visitor and you want that visitors can see the offer by enlarging the text. So how to add dummy text size in WordPress for Visitor? Yes you can do it by installing one simple plugin Accessibility Widget. Most amazing part is you can target specific HTML or CSS tags.

How to Add Dummy Text Size in WordPress for Visitor

First of all get the plugin and activate it. Upon activation go to WordPress widget area and search for the Accessibility Widget from widget lists.



Then add the widget where you would like add in your site. In this case we have tested it in our sidebar widget:



In settings we have targeted 4 HTML tags and added 5 dummy or resizable text size and used symbol T and here is the output:



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Author: mytutorialguru

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