How to Avoid Duplicate Post title in WordPress

Your SEO performance is hugely depend on your post title and URL or permalink. The might not be duplicated but post title might be a duplicate one specially if your blogging for a long period of time. If you have got duplicate title exist in your blog then search engine will get confused which one to choose depending on keywords. So how can you avoid duplicate post title in WordPress? Yes there is an excellent plugin comes to your rescue and it is Duplicate Title Validate. This plug checks real time whether your written title is duplicate or not.

First of get the plugin from above link and install it to your blog. After installing and activating the plugin try to publish a new post. After writing the title if it is not duplicate then following message will appear:

How to Avoid Duplicate Post title in WordPress


“The title is unique”, it means not duplicate. Then try to write a title which already exist in your site and you will see following message:

How to Avoid Duplicate Post title in WordPress

That’s it. From now on you don’t have to worry about duplicate title. Let the plugin do it for you.

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