Best Plugin for Comment Approval Notification in WordPress

In WordPress we put the comment in moderation mode so that we can easily detect spam. After admin approval the comment is appeared in a blog post. But the comment writer never get notified when his or her comment is published. It is a best practice to notify the comment writer for more engaging. By using a simple plugin you can easily sent comment approval notification to any user. Comment Approved is the best plugin for comment approval notification in WordPress.

Best Plugin for Comment Approval Notification in WordPress


First of all get the plugin from above link and install it. After installing go the menu Setting->Comment Approved.  You can see there is a message box and an “Enable” check box.



in message box write the message by yourself if you don’t like default one. If you don’t want user name then remove “%name%” from the message. %permalink% is the post URL where the user have posted the comment. At last don’t forget to check “Enable comment approved message” box and press save button.

Another important thing to remember is the comment settings in Settings->Discussion menu. If you have selected “Comment author must have a previously approved comment” option then user only get notified for once.


Please leave a comment if you face any problem installing or setup the plugin.

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