Best Plugin to Make WordPress Menu Sticky

Lets assume you have the basic knowledge to setup a WordPress blog by using free theme and plugins. There are hundreds of free theme available to choose and you can easily add header menu or footer menu easily with the basic admin settings knowledge. Now what if you want to make your header menu sticky so that user can easily access your blog page and category? You do not need to think any more. We are here to help you. One of the best plug to make WordPress menu sticky is myStickymenu.  Lets see how it works.

Best Plugin to Make WordPress Menu Sticky


At first download the plugin from WordPress plugin directory by following above link. Upon installing go to settings menu. You can see that a new menu been added named as myStickymenu. In settings page most import thing is to setup the Sticky class. This is the class of your menu. We want to make our header menu sticky and the class is “menu”. Here is how we get our menu class:



Now set the background color of the sticky menu and set the scroll down pixel to define when it will appear after scrolling the page. You can also disable the menu in small devices and add your own class if you want.



This is the resulted stick menu for the above settings:


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