Best Way to Add Poll in WordPress Blog-No Plugin

To interact with your site visitor and get their impression on your site or blog is to add a poll. In a poll you can ask question to visitors and can collect multiple answer from them. If you can collect a good positive poll result then it will help you to attract more visitor by showing the poll result. In your WordPress blog you can add a pole without using any plugin. One of the best way to add poll in WordPress blog is to use Polldaddy service. Here is the step by step guideline to add a nice poll in your own blog.


Step 1:

First of all go to and register a free account. You need to have an account in So first create an account in and then login in polldaddy with that account.


Step 2:

After login in your Polldaddy account you can see a blue button on left top bar. Click to create a new poll.


Step 3:

This is actual part of your poll. In here you have to set poll question and answers. You can add more answer and can delete existing answer too. If you want to allow users to select multiple answer then check on the option “Allow Multiple Selections” and check on “Randomize answer order” to show random answer list. And also you can allow user to insert their own thought.


In Advanced poll settings select the most appropriate option as you need and click on “Create Poll” finally.


Step 4:

In this step select the design you like and you can also add your custom design. Finally click on Save Style Settings:


Step 5:

Now just copy the JS code and past in onto your site where you want to show the poll.


We have added in sidebar by using text widget in WordPress:


And here is the front-end display:


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