Best WordPress Plugin to Increase Visitor Attention Instantly

With the increasing competition in blogging world it is really tough to retain user attention. One of the best WordPress plugin to increase visitor attention instantly is Spot.IM-Everywhere Social Network. Spot.IM  increases retention by allowing realtime community chat instantly. It  is offering your users realtime conversation with subscription form, direct messaging, recommended articles around the web and latest community trending content.

Best WordPrerss Plugin to Increase Visitor Attention Instantly

This plugin enables you to create a high-end community and  host a live community with almost zero effort, within 5 minutes . Moreover, no ad space is used in your current site’s real-estate. First of all go to Spot.IM and create an account. Then get the plugin from above link and install it. After creating your account create your spot:


After creating the spot you will get the spot ID and then insert it in WordPress admin panel:



Here is the output where visitors can participate in live discussion:


If you face any difficulty installing or activating the plugin then just leave a comment below. For learning about more useful free plugin check in WordPress Plugin category.

Author: mytutorialguru

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