Create Keyboard Shortcut Key of Your Favorite Program

To run a program quickly commonly we create desktop shortcut icon or we pin then in either taskbar or in start menu. But after reaching a certain amount of icon in either desktop or in taskbar you cannot place any icon there. Moreover to speedup your computer you should keep fewer items in desktop.  So how can you create shortcut icon to access program quickly? Here is the simple trick. You can create keyboard shortcut key of your favorite program easily.




To create shortcut key of any program you like first of all open start menu nad right click on that particular program and click on properties:



Then in Shortcut Key text box press the letter you would like to set as a shortcut key. Now you can see Ctrl+Alt is been added before your selected letter and it is your shortcut key.

Create Keyboard Shortcut Key of Your Favorite Program


For example we have selected w so our shortcut key is Ctrl+Alt+w. Now if we click Ctrl+Alt+w then Adobe Photoshop CS6 will run as we have set up the key for this program.

One thing you should keep in mind that you cannot select same key for two different program. If you want to remove just delete the command and click apply.

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