Create New Disk Partition Without Any Software in Windows OS

There are lots of essential software are available to create new logical partition on your existing hard drive. But if you just install a fresh copy of operating system and out of needed software then how to create new partition? Don’t worry Windows OS by default has system to manage your disk. Here I am going to show you step by step guide to create new disk partition without any software in Windows OS.



Step 1:

At first right click on My Computer icon on your desktop or start menu and click on Properties option:



It will open Computer Management window where you can see all the internal and external drive on your computer:

Create New Disk Partition Without Any Software in Windows OS


Step 2:

For example you have available free space on drive F and you want to create new drive by using available free space on this disk. Right click on the disk and click on shirnk option:



Step 3:

Now setup the size of new disk from available space. You can select all free space or lesser space.



Finally click on “Shrink” to creation the partition. It might require to restart the computer to complete the task successfully.


Author: mytutorialguru

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