Easily Create Theme Options for WordPress Theme: Part 2

In Easily Create Theme Options for WordPress Theme: Part 1 post we have shown you how to download and install Option framework plugin to add theme options in your own theme. If you have done all the things correctly then this part is for you. In this part you will learn how you can the options.php file to create theme options for WordPress theme.


We have added 4 type of settings. At get the file from here and replace the options.php file you place early in your theme folder and you will see this four new tab.

In General Settings tab we placed our social profile which you can see in our footer section. We just need to change the URL in text box. In Header Settings tab We have added the feature to add logo and favicon image and in header section we want to show a banner ad size of 790×90 px  which will contain an external URL:


In Sidebar Settings we want to show an ad size of 285 x 94 px and some text which we named as Editor’s Note:


In Footer Settings we want to divide four different section and copyright text. Again this all depends on your site requirements. If you do need more settings just add it:


In third part we will learn the coding structure. In the meantime if you feel any difficulty then please comment below.

Author: mytutorialguru

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