How to Find Out Saved Password in Google Chrome

In chrome web browser or in other web browser a common feature is to save password of different sites like Gmail password or admin password of WordPress site. On and off we use this feature to save password so that we can access a site quickly, specially if you are a web developer and have to maintain many sites at a time. If you save password once then you don’t required to enter password again. Now if you save lot of passwords of different sites and forgot the actual password then how to find out saved password in Google Chrome of specific site? Here is the tips:

Step 1:

Go to Chrome settings from main menu (chrome://settings/) and go to bottom of the page and click on “Show Advanced Settings”



Step 2:

After opening advance option go to Passwords and forms section and click on Manage passwords:



Step 3:

A pop-up window will open and you can see all the sites you have been saved so far:



Click on a site to show saved password. Sometimes current computer user password might be required:




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Author: mytutorialguru

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