Hotspots-Free WordPress Plugin to Generate Heatmaps

To be a successful blogger and get best out of your visitors you must know about visitors behavior. One of the best premium plugin to analyze user behavior is CrazyEgg. But if you can’t effort to get these type of high priced premium plugin, then you could try Hotspots-a free WordPress plugin to generate heatmaps of visitors behavior.  It allows to create heatmaps, record user activity & also can track custom event. It supports heatmaps of mouse clicks and touch screen taps overlayed on your site.


Some other attractive features of this plugin are:

-> Different heatmaps are drawn to cater for responsive web design
-> Each page on your website has it’s own heatmap
-> Easily Track user activity including page views, AJAX actions, mouse clicks, touchscreen taps
-> All data is stored can can be viewed on your own WordPress dashboard.

First of all get the plugin from above URL and install it. Upon activation you can see a new menu Hotspots has been created. Go to settings ment to set all the necessary parameters.From general settings you can select what activity to record:


Here is the output of user activity and heatmap generated repectively by the plugin:



If you face any difficulty installing or activating the plugin then just leave a comment below. For learning about more useful free plugin check in WordPress Plugin category.

Author: mytutorialguru

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