How to Install WordPress locally by using XAMPP

Before going live server web developer’s need to design and test the site on local pc. To run WordPress on local computer you first need to create a web server environment.One of the most popular on windows PC is XAMPP server.  You can easily setup WordPress in your local pc by using XAMPP server. Here you will learn step by step guideline on how to Install WordPress locally by using XAMPP  server. If you don’t have any copy of XAMPP server then you can download latest version from its official site

Step1: After downloading XAMPP extract to one of your drive and run XAMPP control panel

xampp control panel

Step2: Start Apache and MySql server

setup wordpress on xampp

Step3: Go to your browser and run http://localhost/phpmyadmin and create a database. Here we named database as “wptest”. You can name database as your choice. Please select option Collation and utf_general_ci while creating database. After pressing Create button you will see a message “Database wptest has been created.

installing wordpress on xamppStep4: Now go to and download latest WordPress version in zip format. After downloading extract the file and name the folder as wptest. Then run this line on your browser http://localhost/wptest/wp-admin/install.php and you will see a page as follows:

install wordpress on xamppThen press on Create a Configuration File. This will take you to the following page:

install wordpress on local pcStep5: Then Press Let’s Go button and it will take you to the following page.

setup database name in wordpress in localhost

Here in Database Name field set the name as “wptest” (we created earlier) and in User Name filed write “root” (in XAMPP loclhost server  user is root) and leave Password field blank (there was no password set for user root ). In Database Host set this as “localhost” and in Table Prefix you can leave it as wp_ or you can set it as you want. But it is recommended to change it for security reason. After set all this attributes press submit and it will take you to the following page:

How to Install WordPress locally by using XAMPP

Then press the button “Run the Install”

STep6: In this step most important task is to setup master admin name and password

How to Install WordPress locally by using XAMPPAt first set your site title. You can also change it later. Then set your username and password and provide an email address. In localhost you can leave Privacy option blank. Then press Install WordPress button. If you done everything correctly you will see the following page

How to Install WordPress locally by using XAMPPAnd you are done! You have successfully installed WordPress on localhost.

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