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There are many things that website owners can aspire to collect: shares, likes, fans, and followers; pins, stumbles, digs and retweets; but above them all towers the email subscriber. Emails are effective because the email inbox is a more guarded place. When you send someone an email, you aren’t competing with the noise of 400 Facebook friends, or with the frequent tweets of a thousand follows. Emails are a direct line to your subscriber’s ear, and if they have joined your list then they are willing and eager to hear what you have to say.

Building your email list is the hard part, and that’s why we built Bloom. We have spent months creating a comprehensive email opt-in plugin for WordPress that boasts multiple highly-effective opt-in types, a plethora of design settings and pre-made templates, amazing sats that give you actionable insights into your campaign performance, and advanced targeting options that afford you full control over where and when your opt-in forms appear. If you haven’t started building your email list yet, then today’s the day to take action.

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bloom optin wall1

Different websites, pages, and posts may require different targeting configurations. That’s why we’ve included a large selection of opt-in types that can be used to display your opt-in forms.

Bloom lets you create automatic opt-in pop-ups that can be triggered by timed delays, when a user reaches the bottom of a post or page, or even after they comment or purchase. This is an extremely effective way to generate and convert leads.

bloom type popup

Give your visitors that extra nudge with a friendly fly-in box that slides up from the bottom of the browser window. These highly effective little boxes can be triggered based on a combination of different users interactions, giving you the ability to hone in on highly engaged users and present them with relevant offers.

bloom type flyin

Inline opt-in forms can be placed absolutely anywhere on your website using the Bloom shortcodes. Generate as many custom opt-ins as you like, and put them on different posts or pages by simply copying and pasting the shortcode into the WordPress Post Editor.

bloom type inline

Placing an opt-in form below your blog posts is a great way to encourage more newsletter signups. When a visitor is engaged and has enjoyed reading your entire post, finish off the page with an invitation to join your email list. This works like a charm!

bloom type below

Bloom makes it easy to add opt-in forms to the widget ready areas of your website. Create custom opt-in forms and place them in your website’s footer and sidebar using the Bloom widget.

bloom type widget

Requiring users to subscribe to your list before gaining access to premium content is a great way to grow your subscriber base. The locked content opt-in works as a paywall between your content and your visitors. Have a free eBook or online course? Why not turn your free resource into some new email leads for your business.

bloom type locked

When it comes to increasing your conversion rates, Bloom’s triggers work like magic. Triggers let you hone in on specific user interactions and display custom offers to certain visitors. Create an opt-in popup for your RSS-to-email campaign, and have it only displayed after a visitor finishes reading your blog post. At the same time, create an pop-up that offers recent customers a 10% discount off their next purchase right after they have completed the checkout process. Turn a reader into a fan, and turn your customer into a returning customer.

Target engaged visitors with an opt-in form after they have been browsing your page for a specified amount of time.

At the bottom of a post or page is a good time and place to allow visitors who are already heavily engaged in your content to subscribe to your email list.

This trigger lets you display an opt-in pop-up or fly-in after a visitor scrolls a specific percentage down the page.

Enabling this trigger will present anyone that comments on a post or page with an automatic pop-up or fly-in. This is a great way to target users who have already shown a great deal of interest in your content.

After a visitor purchases a product from your site is a great time to offer them a discount in exchange for subscribing to your list. Add them to a sales autoresponder and keep them up to date with your recent products and promotions.

If a user’s cursor is inactive on your page for a certain amount of time, Bloom can trigger an opt-in pop-up or fly-in to re-capture their attention.

Bloom integrates seamlessly with all of the most popular email marketing systems. Simply add your account within the Bloom dashboard and start growing your lists. Bloom even aggregates statistics, such as your subscriber count and growth rate, making it easy to see how well each of your lists are doing. We will be adding support more even more software in the future, so be sure to send in your requests!

bloom email providers

Never under estimate the power of good design. A well designed opt-in form will help gain trust and increase conversions. We have spent a lot of time making sure the opt-in forms you build will look amazing while at the same time remaining incredibly flexible. Bloom comes with a ton of different design settings, allowing you to adjust just about every aspect of your opt-in form.

Bloom comes with 115 pre-made templates that let you generate beautiful opt-in forms in seconds. Each template can also be fully customized to look exactly they way you envisioned.

bloom templates

Depending on your opt-in’s location and type, you may want to place your form below or on the side of your opt-in. Bloom gives you 3 orientations to choose from: bottom, left, or right.

bloom form orientation

Select from Bloom’s 5 different border types with full control over which edges are effected.

bloom borders

Bloom comes with 6 edge styles that can be combined with any of the form orientations and form borders illustrated above.

bloom edges

You can add any image to your opt-in while also having the option to display it to the left, the right, above or below your opt-in’s text content.

bloom colors

Bloom comes with 80 font options, allowing you to give your opt-in forms that little extra touch of personality.

bloom fonts

When you build an opt-in form with Bloom, you have complete control over where that form appears. Display settings are used to control where on your website your opt-in forms will appear, as well as when they will appear. You can choose to display an opt-in on your entire site, or you can choose to display it on individual posts or post types.

Bloom’s display settings give you global options for displaying your opt-in on selected post types, along with specific categories within them.

bloom display

Not only can you choose to display your opt-in forms on specific post types and categories, you can also include or exclude individual posts or pages as well. This extra level of refinement gives you complete control over your opt-in’s location.

bloom display micro

Setting up and managing your Bloom settings is anything but complicated. We’ve created a custom panel in the WordPress dashboard for easy and intuitive access to you Bloom accounts, lists, opt-ins, conversion rates, and data.

bloom dashboard

You can add an unlimited number of email marketing accounts and Bloom will organize your accounts by provider and also aggregate the lists and subscriber counts that are associated with each. When you are building opt-in forms, you can then choose from any of these lists, or even setup an account on the fly.

bloom dashboard

Bloom makes it easy to duplicate opt-in forms that you have previously created, saving you loads of time and effort in the design process. Just click the duplicate icon in the dashboard and you will be able to choose which opt-in type you would like to duplicate it into, retaining all of your design and display settings. Spend time making the perfectly-designed pop-up, and then duplicate it into a perfectly-matching fly-in box. This is a great way to make various opt-in forms that still look consistent across your entire website.

bloom duplicate

Split testing takes Bloom’s duplication feature to a whole new level. Split testing is an amazing feature that can help you greatly improve the effectiveness of your opt-in forms by helping you figure out which one is most effective.

bloom ab start

Using the Bloom Split Testing system, you can create different variations of an opt-in to test different headlines, colors, offers, and user targeting. These different variations will be shown to different visitors, and their conversion rates will be compared to each other.

bloom ab variants
bloom variant mocks

Over time you can see which one is resulting in the most sign-ups, and you can pick the highest performing variation to be your main version.

It is almost impossible to refine and improve the way you are targeting your visitors without actionable insights around when, where, and how your opt-ins are converting the best. That’s why we’ve created a robust statistics dashboard to give you a real-time overview of Bloom’s performance.

Bloom lets you easily import and export its data from one site to another. In addition to migration, this is also a great way to backup your Bloom settings and data on a regular basis.

We know that your opt-in forms needs to be readable and accessible from all devices, allowing visitors to opt-in no matter how they are viewing your site. Blooms opt-in forms and dashboard are fully responsive and look great all the way down to even the smallest mobile devices and highest resolution screens.

bloom responsive

We have gone above and beyond with our Bloom documentation. There is nothing about Bloom that you can’t learn from our countless video walkthroughs and written tutorials.

Get The Plugin Bloom Now and Your List Quickly.


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