How to Keep Desktop Files Safe in Windows OS

To access files quickly we leave files in desktop very often. But there is a huge risk associate with this, you could loose all of your files in desktop if anything happens to Windows operating system. Assume that your OS has crushed and you need a fresh reinstall of the OS then you have to format the disk and all of your desktop files will be lost. Lets see how we can do this.

Way 1:

We can do this by two ways. To apply this 1st way first of all open windows explorer and find Documents. Then right click on it on go to Properties:


Then include the Desktop folder as follows:


Now all the desktop files will be stored regularly and can be backed up easily.

Way 2:

Another way is to change the location of the desktop folder.  Generally C drive is the system drive and you can save desktop files by changing the location of Desktop folder. To do that open run window by pressing “Windows Key + R” and run the command regedit.exe:


Then go to the location HKEY_CURRENT_USER->Software->Microsoft->Windows->CurrentVersion->Explorer->User Shell Folders and from right side Desktop property change the location. Assume that you want change the default location to G drive then change the location as follows:


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