How to Limit Dashboard Access in WordPress

As a site administrator you might like to remove or limit dashboard access in WordPress for any specific user group or level. In WordPress you can add this amazing feature by using one simple plugin Remove Dashboard Access. It allows you to disable dashboard access for users of special kind of role or capability. You can either choose only Administrator or Admins + Editors or Admins + Editors + Authors to see dashboard. You can also redirected disallowed users to a any chosen URL.

How to Limit Dashboard Access in WordPress

First of all get the plugin and install it. Upon activation you will find the plugin menu in Settings->Dashboard Access Screen.


Only Allow user to access profile information:


Leave any special message in login page. For example if your site in maintenance mode then leave the notice in login page:


One of the cool feature of this plugin is that you can remove access to some built-in WordPress Toolbar menus too. So if you need to remove or limit dashboard access then you could definately try this and leave a comment below if you face any difficulty.

Author: mytutorialguru

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