Make a Bootable USB Drive and Install Windows OS Quickly

If your CD-ROM is not working then only possible way to install a fresh copy of windows operating system by external CD-ROM or by an USB drive. External CD-ROM is a bit expensive and carrying it also a hassle. So most efficient way to use a pen-drive. But how to make a boot-able pen-drive? Don’t worry we are going to show you simple tricks to make a boot-able USB drive and install Windows operating system quickly.


First of all you need an USB drive. For Windows XP and Windows 7 or 8 requires 4GB and 8GB USB drive repectively.

Step 1:

Connect your USB drive to your computer and open command prompt by clicking Win Key + r and write “cmd” and press ok. To see your disk information write “Diskpart” and press enter. After opening Diskpart write “list disk”. In disk list Disk0 is always your hardrive and all other disks (Disk1, Disk2 etc) are removal drive.

Step 2:

This is the core part. After writting each command press enter. Here is all the command:

  • select Disk ↵
  • clean ↵
  • create partition primary ↵
  • format recommended ↵
  • active ↵
  • exit ↵

Make a Bootable USB Drive and Install Windows OS Quickly

Step 3:

Now just copy all the operating system files XP/7/8 from CD into the USB drive. And it’s done. From now on you can install windows operating system from USB drive. To do that just select boot from USB drive in BIOS or in many computer you can access boot menu by pressing F8/F10/F12.

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