Make Your Website URL Password Protected Easily

Sometimes we need to share premium content or any kind of private files with specific site user. Then we have to make password protected URL. One of the popular site to make such password protected URl is By using their service you can easily shorten your desired URL and password protected. Now we are going to show you how to make your website URL Password protected easily by Thinfi.



 Step 1:

First of visit and in in URL text box past the URL you want make password protected. Next in password box set the password and after entering captcha finally click on “Shorten”.



Step 2:

Now they provide you the URL and you can share this URL with your friends or subscribed user to share personal files or anything you want.



Step 3:

If you want to check then click on the link. You can see that password is required to see the link. Enter the password you set earlier and you will be redirected to the link.



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