Most Popular Crowdfunding Sites To Get Your Fund

There are many popular Crowdfunding sites available for seeking fund. Crowdfunding is a win-win situation for both parties-those who are providing and the seekers. Provider getting the satisfaction of knowing they are helping people who really need funds for their project, while seekers can reach their goal by overcoming fund related obstacle. Lets find out most popular fundraiser sites.

Kickstarter is one of the most popular site for fundraising. It launched in 2009 and has since been thousands of people have raised funds through this site.


Kickstarter accepts pretty much all kind of creative project you can imagine and they charge only 5% success fee.

Second one is CrowdCube, this is a UK-based site. It works slight differently compare to other crowdfunding site. Rather than offering donation-based funding, they work more like traditional investment, where you must give up a percentage of your equity to backers.


Third one is IndiGoGo which more like KickStarter. One of the unique feature of this site is unlike other sites, you can still keep any money you raise, even if you don’t meet your goal and success fee is 4%.


And final one is RocketHub. RocketHub allows you to raise funds without worrying about meeting your goal. Unique feature of this site is that payout period is quick. They pay on the first Friday after your project ends. Generally it takes around 5-10 business.


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