Quick Way to Change IP Address- Within 10 Seconds!

If you are using shared internet connection then your IP address is obtained dynamically from the network. You can also use a static IP address too. But sometimes you might need to change the IP address when it is identified dynamically from the network. Specially when you want to download files from file sharing sites like rapidshare, megashare, filesflash etc. If you want to download files from these sites as a free user then you have to wait until someone on the same network stop downloading files. In a WiFi network zone it happens very often. When others downloading files then you might see the message like “Your IP address is already downloading another link. Please wait for that download to finish. Free users may only download one file at a time”.  But you can avoid this situation by changing IP address. Learn the quick way to change IP address- within 10 seconds!


Step 1:

First of all open windows command prompt:



Step 2:

Then run the command “ipconfig /release” to drop current IP address. After executing this command your network connection will be lost. Don’t worry we will fix it.



Step 3:

The after execute the command “ipconfig /renew” to setup new IP:



Now see that your computer’s IP address has been changed. Sometimes it may not be changed then just repeat the steps again.

Author: mytutorialguru

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