How to Redirect User After Login or Logout in WordPress

If you are running a membership site or any premium service in WordPress Platform then you must want your users to redirect to specific URL after login or logout. You can handle this easily by using Peter’s Login Redirect plugin. This is one of the best free plugin to redirect user after login or logout in WordPress. First of all get the plugin from above link and install it on to your site. upon activating you can access the plugin settings page in Settings > Login/logout redirects menu.

You can define different set of redirect rules for specific users,  users with specific capabilities, users with specific roles,users with specific levels, and common rule for all other users. Here is the snap:

How to Redirect User After Login or Logout in WordPress



One of the cool feature is you can use the syntax like [variable]username[/variable] in your URLs so that the system will build a dynamic URL upon each login, replacing that text with the user’s username. Just go through plugin page and you will find so many amazing feature that might be really useful for you to set your own redirect URL.

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