Cannot See Deleted Files in Recycle Bin? Learn the Tricks

In windows computer deleted files are stored in recycle bin by default. So if you delete any files accidentally then the files can be retrieved from recycle bin easily. But one of the common errors occurs in windows PC is invisible recycle bin files. You cannot see deleted files in recycle bin even if you have changed folder options from control panel. You can retrieve these files by one simple dos command. Here we are going to tell you simple tricks to fix these error.

Cannot See Deleted Files in Recycle Bin



Here are the steps:

1. First of all open command window by clicking window key + r and write “cmd” and then press ok button.

2. In general in command prompt the existing folder is current user’s folder. If default folder in not showing system32 folder then

you must enter in C:\Windows\System32 location.

3. Then the final part if your deleted files were in C drive then write rd /s /q C:\$Recycle.bin and press enter. Now enter in recycle bin and refresh it to see the files.

Cannot See Deleted Files in Recycle Bin


If your deleted files from other drive just replace the letter C in this command by you respective drive. Sometimes you need to restart your computer to work the command perfectly.

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