Testimonial WordPress Plugin with Client’s Avatar

Client testimonial is a most valuable part for a company website specially those are offering service or selling different products. There are many plugin available in WordPress for client testimonial but most of them are not free. So we have tried to build a testimonial WordPress plugin with client avatar and the output of this plugin wold be like this:

client testimonial wordpress plugin for free

If you don’t know much about wordpress plugin customization the check Build WordPress Plugin from Scratch with Custom Table. First of all download this free testimonial plugin from dropbox. Here is the URL Client Testimonial WordPress Plugin

How to Install:

1.Go to WordPress Control Panel
2.Click “Plugins->Add New”
3.Click on “Upload-Choose File”  and upload the downloaded file
4. Activate the plugin and your are done

After installing the plugin a new menu will be created:

client testimonial wordpress plugin

To add a new testimonial go to Testimonial List->Add New Testimonial and your client details

client testimonial wordpress plugin


For example we have added two client testimonial and you can see the list in Testimonial list menu

client testimonial wordpress plugin


Now to show the list in front end just add the short code [mtg-testimonial-lists] in any page. Lets say we have a testimonial page and we want to list out all the testimonial here then just add the short code and save the page.

client testimonial wordpress plugin


and it will output you list in front-end like this:

free client testimonial wordpress plugin


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Author: mytutorialguru

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