Tips to Remove Run History Automatically in Windows PC

In windows operating system when we run any program by “Run” command then the history remains in memory and also when we open any documents or files all the history are stored in recent places. Any other user have access in this PC can see these lists or run history which might violet your privacy. But if you apply a simple tricks then history will be erased automatically. Here is the tricks to remove run history automatically in windows PC.

Tips to Remove Run History Automatically in Windows


First of all open Run window by clicking window key + r and write regedit to open registry editor.



Then go to the menu HKEY_CURRENT_USER->Software->Microsoft ->Windows->Current version->Policies->Explorer

and then from edit menu got option New and select DWORD. You can see there are two DWORD value select it according to your current windows version.



After clicking on DWORD a brand new field will be added and change the name to “clearrecent on exit” by replacing defult value “new value #1”



Now doubleclick on “clearrecent on exit” and chage the value to 1 by replacing 0 and save it. From now on all run history will be removed automatically after shut down your computer.

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