Top 50 Useful Website You Must Have in Bookmark List

You may have bookmarked many sites but might still missing some important one. So here is the Top 50 Useful Website you should have in your bookmark list.

Top 50 Useful Website You Must Bookmark



Here is the Top 50 Useful Website for You:

  1. SEOBook– Best site to learn SEO and also provides some free SEO tools.
  2. Thepiretbay– The Pirate Bay is one of the best BitTorrent site to download movies, music, games, software etc.
  3. Youconvertit– Best site to convert files. It is a free online files converter, convert all formats images, audio, video etc.
  4. Dead Man’s Switch– This site will send mails to your choosen recipients if you are dead.
  5. Shouldiremoveit– Clean and uninstall all unwanted application from your PC.
  6. Kickass– Kickassis another best Torrent site to download and share movies, music, games, software etc.
  7. Sumazi– Best social media and social intelligence platform for enterprises, brands and celebrities.
  8. OldVersion– Get old version of your favorite software.
  9. Gfycat– Upload and compress your gif format files.
  10. Htmldrive– Free Resource on Dhtml scripts,Jquery plugins,Javascript,CSS,CSS3,Html5 Library etc.
  11. Roadtrippers Roadtrippers road trip planner helps you discover and create travel itineraries of the best places and experiences along the way.
  12. Padmapper– A free tool to help you find an apartment or sublet to rent.
  13. Freecycle– Network of people who are giving and getting stuff for free in their own towns.
  14. Mint– Mint automatically organizes your spending into categories like rent, gas, clothes, lattes and shows you where your
    money goes by charts.
  15. Printwhatyoulike– Help to print the good parts of any web page while skipping ads and other junk..
  16. Dropbox– Provide free storage online to store your files.
  17. Readability Score– Free online tools to check readability of your content.
  18. Keybr– Best tools to develop your typing skill
  19. Avoidhumans– Find a quiet places away from the crowds.
  20. Squirt– Read content of a webpage one word at a time.
  21. Befunky– Free online photo editor.
  22. Recipepuppy– This is a recipe search engine that finds recipes by ingredients you already have.
  23. Newsmap– Find news headline around the world.
  24. Openclipart– High quality and easy to use free clipart.
  25. Mashable– Get latest tech news and updates.
  26. Jimmyr– Huge source of technology and programming news.
  27. Pipl– A search engine to search people by Name, Email, Username or Phone.
  28. Radioreference– The world’s largest scanner frequency and radio communications reference source.
  29. Couchsurfing– Travel like a local. Find hosts to stay with in over 100,000 cities and connect with travelers from all over the world.
  30. Heavens Above– Satellite predictions and other astronomical data customised for your location.
  31. Paperbackswap– Trade in your books via the largest online book swapping community in the world.
  32. Keepmeout– Help to keep away yourself out of time wasting websites.
  33. Scribblemaps– The Easiest Way to Draw and Share Maps.
  34. Weatherspark– Beautiful Weather Graphs and Maps.
  35. Wetransfer– Send huge files with low bandwidth.
  36. Woorank– Great tool for webmaster.
  37. Writecheck– Check your paper for spelling, grammar, usage and more.
  38. Eatthismuch– Eat This Much is an automatic diet generator that builds a meal plan based on your desired caloric intake.
  39. Network-tools– Various network tools (Traceroute, Ping, Domain Name Server Lookup, WHOIS).
  40. Twofoods– Compare between two food items.
  41. Retailmenot– Get discounts with coupon and promo codes for thousands of online stores.
  42. camelcamelcamel– Amazon price tracker, price history charts, price watches, and price drop alerts.
  43. Spreeder– A free online speed reading software designed to improve your reading speed and comprehension..
  44. Join Me– Free Screen Sharing and Online Meetings.
  45. Unlistmy– Find out which top Online sites store data about you, and tell them to unlist your info.
  46. Freeconference– Free Telephone Conference Call Service.
  47. Rhymer– Join millions of loyal fans who find for rhymes for lyrics, song writing, poetry and advertisements.
  48. Free TV Video Online– Download latest movies and TV shows for free.
  49. Filehippo– Fast downloads of the latest free software.
  50. Searchtempest– Search all of craigslist, eBay & more in one search.

Here are some bonus sites:

  1. Factbook: This site provides information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military and many different issues for 267 countries.
  2. Howstuffworks: It explains thousands of topics, from engines to lock-picking to ESP by video and illustrations so you can learn how everything works.
  3. Mindtools: Learn coporate tools, more than 900 skills like decision-making, time management, goal-setting etc that help you excel at work and in your life.
  4. Lumosity: A great site to play online brain games. Lumosity is a leader in the science of brain training.

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