Top Online Web Design Courses Both Free and Paid

Web design is still one of the most popular subjects to learned and Udemy is the best source for top online web design courses bot free and paid. Thousands of students every year enroll in the many different web design programs and specialized language classes that web site developers and software engineers need to learn in this rapidly changing field. Especially now as at development with a new generation of Smart Phones and tablet computing has moved to the forefront of web development and integration of these diverse systems is now becoming critical as the shortage of trained web design, developers, and software engineers is pushing the limits of the available pool of talent.

Top Online Web Design Courses Both Free and Paid


From many thousand web design, developer, and software language instructional classes here are are some of the most popular web design courses at Udemy:

Design, Develop & Sell WordPress Themes

Learning Responsive Web Design: Learn How To Create Web Sites That Render Correctly On Different Screen Sizes And Operating Systems

Learn Mobile First Web Design using Bootstrap: Create Awesome Responsive Websites which are Easier, Faster and Better

Sketch 3: learn to create mobile and web designs: Learn the latest version of Sketch that let’s everyone to create designs and prototypes fast. Learn Sketch 3

PSD to HTML5/CSS3: Hand Code a Beautiful Website in 4-Hours! Learn how to take a PSD and turn it into a beautiful, hand-coded HTML5 & CSS3 website with this web design crash course.

The Ultimate Web Development Course. Learn ALL the major web development technologies in one working project: HTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP, jQuery and AJAX

Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3 – Intermediate. Learn about HTML5 Forms, Image Sliders, Flexible Video, Lazy Loading, and Image Sprites

The Java Spring Tutorial: Learn Java’s Popular Web Framework. Learn the hottest, most in-demand Java web framework, including web programming with Spring MVC and Hibernate.

Creating Responsive Web Design. Learn how to optimize your webpages for different screen sizes and platforms.

Become a Web Developer from Scratch! All the programming languages you need to become a top skilled Web Developer in one unique amazing course!

Learning Dynamic Website Design – PHP MySQL and JavaScript. Learn Dynamic Web Design with PHP / MySQL, AJAX, JavaScript and CSS. Course comes with Certificate of Completion.


To be a top quality web designer you must have excellent graphic design knowledge. Here is the top graphic design online courses both Free and Paid

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