How to Transport WordPress SEO Settings Easily

One of the most irritating problem in WordPress is to transfer the SEO settings to new theme or plugin platform. To keep your competition alive we all know it is very important to keep your SEO settings in new platform. Main fact is that themes and plugins store their inputs SEO data differently , that’s why it is difficult. So how to transport WordPress SEO settings easily? SEO Data Transporter is one of the plugin have been using by many WordPress developers and users. This plug supports following platform:

How to Transport WordPress SEO Settings Easily


At first get the plugin and activate it. After activating you will see the setting page in Tools->SEO Data Transport menu. Select



source and destination platform and analyze the compatibility first before converting. Just select whuch platform your moving away from, and in which platform you are going to be converted. Click “analyze” to see what records and elements are compatible, and finally click “convert” to make the conversion.

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