WordPress Plugin to Create A Maintenance Mode Or Coming Soon Page: Part 1

Assume that you have planned to provide your online services and just bought a domain. So are you leaving your new page blank, until site design completion? Or you might install WordPress and waiting for your designer to finalize the design. if you are doing this then believe me, you are loosing some valuable customers and also your brand image. What you should do is leaving a maintenance mode page or a coming soon page with some hints on your upcoming service. This is a great practice to buildup your brand image.


Whether you are going to launch a new site or making some tweaking to existing one, then you should build a maintenance mode or coming soon page. And in WordPress there are many popular free plugins available to do that. In this part we are going to talk about WP Maintenance Mode plugin. It’s a simple plugin to add a splash-style page to your site’s home page that lets your visitors know that you are either in maintenance mode or you are going to launch a new service very soon.

At first get it and install it. Upon activation you will find the setting page under Settings->WP Maintenance. There are 3 settings tab exist General, Design, Modules. In general tab set bot bypass or redirection URL.


In Design tab type the necessary text and upload the background image:


In Modules tab you can setup a count down timer, social link and most important one, a contact form to keep relation with future clients.


And here is the sample output:


Author: mytutorialguru

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