You Just Can’t Miss This Apps: ‘Zenith Space Adventure,’ StubHub Music and More

With Apple’s long-awaited Apple Watch event just around the corner and all the awesome tech coming out of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, you may have missed some of this week’s best new apps. Luckily, each weekend, we round up our favorite new and updated apps, so you won’t miss out.

This week’s list includes Imgur’s redesigned app, an Android app to take better selfies and one of the most beautiful Wikipedia apps we’ve seen yet.


Imgur rolled out a whole new iOS app this week that has all the same content as the website, but with a fresh new user interface that’s easy to navigate on your phone. While Imgur’s website has a blocky layout that arranges posts in a grid, the app presents posts in a more mobile-friendly stream with users swiping through images one by one.

Keep an eye on: Unfortunately, the app doesn’t yet allow users to upload new photos, but the folks at Imgur say uploading and searching will be added in subsequent updates.

Pro tip: Sort comments by “best,” “top” and “newest to filter out the ones you don’t want to see. The app also supports threaded comments — select a single comment to open up the thread.

It’s Free, Get It on iOS


Snapi helps users take perfectly centered selfies without the embarrassment of a selfie stick. Instead, the camera app’s shutter activates based on your gestures. Open and close a fist to trigger the shutter and snap a photo.

Keep an eye on: The countdown timer: You can set the amount of time it will take between when you put your hand down and when it takes the photo so you’re never caught off guard.

Pro tip: You can use it for big group shots as well — the app’s creators say it works at a distance of up to 13 feet.

It’s Free,Get It on Android


StubHub’s music and concert discovery app got a big update this week thanks to a new partnership with Spotify. The app now connects with your Spotify account to provide more personalized recommendations and notifications.

Keep an eye on: The new “music news” section, which will fill up with interviews, live performances, and videos from the company’s SXSW concert series.

Pro tip: A premium Spotify account also opens up the ability to listen to full-length tracks from artists within the app, rather than just iTunes previews.

It’s Free,Get It on, iOS


This new Wikipedia client was created with the goal of creating a Wikipedia app that is way more easy to navigate and search than either the website or the site’s own app and it certainly delivers on that promise. The design emphasizes photos and makes even the longest and densest articles easy to get through.

Keep an eye on: The app’s search, which is particularly powerful. Search results include photos and you can also search within article text to find specific portions or complete a Google search from within articles for other queries.

Pro tip: Selecting a link from within an article opens up a scrollable preview of that article so you can browse the highlights without navigating away from your current page.

It’s Free,Get It on, iOS

Zenith Space Adventure

Zenith Space Adventure is a simple game not unlike many physics-based puzzles except for the fact that it takes place in space where the laws of gravity don’t apply. Players must steer a rocket ship around a series of planets and moons to get to each level’s destination while avoiding fatal crashes.

Keep an eye on: The App Store for updates. The developer says he has submitted an update that adds a paid version that offers a much-needed ad-free experience.

Pro tip: If (more accurately, when) you get stuck on a particularly difficult level, don’t despair, you can skip ahead to the next one and come back later.

It’s Free,Get It on, iOS

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