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Street View just got a lot more interactive. Google unveiled a new Street View app Thursday that adds user generated spherical photos to places in Google Maps.

The new iOS and Android, which replaces Google’s previous Photo Sphere Camera app, allows you to browse 360-degree photos of places in Google Maps or shoot and share your own.

The in-app camera is a lot like the spherical camera that is part of the stock Android camera: line up the camera with a central point of the frame and the app guides you as you shoot photos of the space around you. Street View is also compatible with 360-degree cameras, including NCTech’s Iris360 and the new Ricoh Theta S, which also debuted Thursday.

Once you’ve shot your photos you can keep them private or share them to Google Maps. Google tells us it will review user submitted photos — primarily to ensure the images are of actual places, not people — so your photos won’t be viewable to others right away, though you can keep tabs on all your own photos from the app’s profile section.

Right now the photos live only in Street View but Google may open them up to developers to use in other apps in the future. Between its recent push into virtual reality (via Cardboard) and 360-degree spherical videos (via YouTube andSpotlight Stories), Google has put a lot of effort into making its immersive photos and video accessible and developers could very well be the next step.