Tools To Create Awesome Unique Image with Free Stock Images

In our previous source we have shown you free image source to create WordPress post image. But simply using all these free images may be fine for sometimes but for SEO purpose you should make them unique. So we are going to show you how you can take these pictures and turn them something unique and looking beautiful as well. There are some great online free tools to do that. Let’s explore them:

Pic Monkey is a great free online photo editing and creating tool. The free service lets you edit an existing image or design an entirely new one with all the great features of this tools:


Canva– One of the most popular free online tools for image creation. You can choose from one of the preset design options like a Twitter or Facebook post and easily set the image as your featured post image.


Piktochart-Huge source, over 400 fully customizable themes for beautiful infographic. The great thing about infographic  is that visitor tend to stick with it quickly and shared like crazy.



Author: mytutorialguru

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