Top WordPress Book Reviews to Learn WordPress

Top WordPress Book Reviews to Learn Wordpress

August 4, 2014

Are you looking for the best book to learn complete WordPress development? There are many well written tutorials are available to learn WordPress theme development or plugin development and In this post we are going to review some of the best book to learn WordPress from scratch. This list is ongoing so if you feel to refer some books then please leave it in comment section below.  We will definitely review your referred book. All these books are available in Amazon and we have added link to each book so that you can get the book easily.

Top WordPress Book Reviews to Learn WordPress



1. WordPress To Go: How To Build A WordPress Website On Your Own Domain by Sarah McHarry:- (Read Complete Review)- This is No.1 Amazon Best Seller on Kindle Books, this popular, up-to-date, step-by-step guide by expert Sarah McHarry will walk you through the essential first steps to building your own website or blog using WordPress. Without any programming knowledge! in eight easy lessons you will have your own website up and running –  And, in the remaining 12 lessons, you’ll learn all you need to know about creating a website and making it into your own, unique, web presence.

2. WordPress: The Missing Manual by Matthew MacDonald:- (Read Complete Review)- Whether you’re a budding blogger or web development professional, WordPress is a brilliant tool for creating websites—if you know how to tap its impressive features. This excellent tutorial or Missing Manual shows you how to use WordPress and its themes, plug-ins, and widgets to build just about any website you can imagine, from a classy blog to a basic e-commerce site.

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